Breastfeeding Mom Vs Formula Mom


A few weeks ago, I came across a post on facebook. A mom was asking for suggestion on the best formula for her 4months old baby, and she was insulted by several people for feeding her baby man-made food. So today's post is about mothers that judge other mothers because they decide to feed their babies formula. Before I go on, I will like to state that I breastfed my 2 boys exclusively for 6months, introduced them to solid and continued to breastfeed them for 2 years. But this was my decision and what I have always wanted.

Breastfeeding is surely the best for babies, it's nutritious and time-saving. The benefit of breastfeeding are numerous and its the perfect food for babies before 6months of age. Almost all mothers know this, but not all mothers are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do it. I have noticed a lot of hate being thrown in the way of moms that feed their babies with formula, and the breastfeeding moms hardly consider why, before spewing all kind of insult down on the formula feeding moms. They accuse them of feeding the poor baby food with chemicals or that she is being selfish or too lazy to breastfeed and so on.

Have you considered she might not be producing enough milk? Do you know how much she must have tried but it never worked? Do you know if she is having medical issues and can't continue breastfeeding? Do you know if her baby has refused to gain any weight and the pediatrician is insisting the baby be fed with formula? There are quite a lot of 'if' hanging around the decision of breastfeeding or not breastfeeding. I have friends that had all these issues I laid above and were never able to breastfeed exclusively or breastfeed at all.

I do agree there are mothers that refused to breastfeed for selfish reasons, or just not comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding only. If you don't know the story of each mom or know her personally, you can't judge her and call her names. We are mothers, let's leave the breastfeeding advice to the specialist.

Enough of mom judging moms, there is no supermom anywhere. It is wrong also, for a formula mom to judge a breastfeeding mom. Yes, some mothers get criticized for doing exclusive breastfeeding too.

Thumbs up to all moms that are breastfeeding or breastfed their babies, you are such an awesome mom. Thumbs up to moms that feed their kids formula to save them from hunger when they can't produce milk or capable of breastfeeding, you are a great mom. Motherhood is hard enough, getting judged for this or that decision is not worth it. I believe you are doing a good and fantastic job, taking care of your little one. Your job as a mom is the most important job on the planet.


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  1. I am not a mom yet but I have read a lot of stories about judging other moms. I agree that you don't know all mums stories so you should not judge and everyone should be free to make choices and be respected for that

  2. Every mom has a difference. I don't understand other moms why they need to judge. This is such an awesome post. Must share this.

  3. It amazing how people can go about hating and judging others. I mean, yes, surely, there are crappy mothers, but there are people who could serve as cautionary tales in any situation or group. If someone breasfeeds her baby, I take off my hat to her. My mom did with us. But to judge someone who doesn't? As you said, there might be a serious issue which makes breastfeeding impossible. I wish we all could be supportive and positive. Especially at such a blessed time when a new life arrives among us.

  4. What an amazing post. I agree with you that breastfeeding is indeed the best for newborns and infants. On the other hand, no one has the right to judge why a mother is feeding their little one formula as their might be number of reasons behind which may have medical reasons too.

  5. Many people Judging others because of Breastfeeding Mom and Formula Mom. Every Mom has difference, that's why we can't judge formula mom despite of knowing that breast feeding is the best for infants.

  6. I'm not mom yet but I totally agree with what you said. Everyone has right to make their choice and it's not okay to judge anyone and not to hear their story first.

  7. I think all moms know how to best take care of their baby...every one should be allowed to take their own decisions

  8. Not a mom here, but my choice is breastfeeding, too. Moms giving formula ones to their newborns could be a thing to a mom's eyes, but judging will not really help for the baby to grow.

    -Gerome of G&D Blog

  9. I'm not a mom yet, but I agree with you. Moms should stop judging each other and start supporting instead.

  10. I'm glad you wrote this article to offer an alternative view to these so-called selfish mums. It sucks to be unable to provide for your child and it hurts more to be subjected to criticism from people who are quick to judge and don't understand the pain~


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