Friday, October 13, 2017


I recently came across a post on facebook about funny things kids say, I was having fun reading the comments until I found a comment where someone claimed her 6 months old nephew said "I see you now", I was like what? Then I found another saying her daughter of 7 months said: "I will tell my dad everything". In fact, I found several moms or aunties claiming their son/nephew or daughter/niece of 6-8 months old said this and that.

Then it dawned on me while reading this, that another mom out there whose kid is probably 2 years old or more and can't say a sentence will start feeling bad and wonder if something is wrong with him/her. Please and please don't feed into that B***S***, hardly will you find a 6 months old that can form a sentence with 4 words. I personally have never seen one baby that does that. Don't judge yourself or judge your kids based on someone else's achievement, kids are different and they grow up in their own unique way.

My first son didn't say much until he was 3 years old, a lot of people showed concern and even guess maybe something was wrong. I felt a bit pressured at one point, so I took him to see a speech pathologist. I was told nothing was wrong with him, he was just having a speech delay, which I was told was common in boys, especially firstborns. I know better now, not to be pressured by the opinion of others when it comes to my kids unless a specialist detects something wrong. My son is 5 years old now and talks too much, he is very inquisitive and always trying to bring up conversations on his own.

The bottom line is, don't compare your kid in all aspect of life to that of someone else's kid. Your kid will grow on his/her own and with proper guidance become better. If you have kids having challenges or difficulties, be it speech or something else, don't be pressured to believe something is wrong. Kids are wired differently, you need to support your kid, help them succeed and build a better version of themselves. 

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Friday, October 6, 2017

5 Tips To Keep Kids Hydrated Always

Kids needs to take a lot of fluid throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Most parents are concerned about their kids fluid intake during the summer time, because the weather is hot and they sweat a lot. We easily remember to give them more fluid during this period, but just because summer is over doesn't mean fluid intake should stop.

Its important for kids to have a lot of fluid available from time to time. Most kids are active all day long and needs fluid to replace their lost of water. Drinks are very important to keep young children healthy and hydrated.

5 tips on how to keep your kids hydrated;

1) The first thing to offer a kid when thirsty is water, this is heathy and can easily replace lost fluid in their body. You can also serve them some milk (white or chocolate). Fruit juice can also be offered but should be 100% and limited to snack times only.

2) Sugary drinks and pop should be avoided, such as fruit punch or fruits drinks made from package powders. If you need to give them juice go for 100% fruit juice and should be limited to 125-175ml per day.

3) Look out for juice with the words 'no artificial flavors or colors added' 'fruit juice from concentrate' 'unsweetened' 'made with real fruits'.

4) Coffee, cola, energy drinks, tea, sport drinks, should be avoided because they contain caffeine. These drinks can over stimulate your child and make them loose more fluid.

5) Always read the ingredient list of the drinks you buy for your kids, avoid any drink that has sugar or any form of glucose as part of its ingredients.

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